I still remember in my head at the beginning of the beginning of a teacher, there are my seniors who often came to me, fussy, rebet, kept rigid and his men had never met his other senior colleagues were very disciplined.
It seems that nature has been dragged from the family, that’s the best and fit, she admitted because parents and my family looked serious focus and educate.
La. .. I find bizarre creatures in the workplace, I feel speechless. I accepted what was wrong all the time in elementary, junior high, high school and college.
Pondering, come think so well, and yet it seems odd that well.
Time is running, until I found the companion of life, I still remember that advice, to educate children so that children grow well and the spirit of learning. Provide suport, gift as a reward for his efforts. A few years years after I had my junior colleagues have also to blame and exactly the style of my family, omongannya and even more high notes, kids really like to be rewarded, if clever clever yes, he seems already to have children and have managed to succeed, but her condition no children. Wong He had a wife just is not right, my heart O God my ampunillah, easy-mudahah you can grant me, I can implement amanatMu nurture, care, enhancing them, O God get rid of those people who make it difficult implement amanatmu from my neighborhood, Amen.
It turned out the way I do not find the greatness of greatness of the man who met a complaint but the complaint or the mistakes of others are met, Massa God. Like criticize but yes if you accept criticism. Not taking a reply. Audhu bika mindzalik


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